How to curl hair with a straightener #hair_curling

Step 1: Start with clean, blow dried hair. If your hair is frizzy, run the straightener through large chunks just to smooth it a bit before curling.

Step 1: Take 1 inch sections and clamp the straightener on the hair and turn it to the right as you run it down the length of the hair. If your hair is long you may need to hold onto the ends of the hair to prevent them from slipping out. The more you turn the straightener, the tighter the curl will be. If your hair does slip out half way through the curl, pick up where the curl left off but you do not need to recurl the entire strand again, that will just cause further and unnecessary damage.

Step 1: Do that to your entire head and then take large sections and lightly run the straightener over large chunks of just the ends to give it a beachy look.

Step 1: Finish with hairspray and you are done!

How to chalk your hair #hair_chalking

Step 1 : Start with clean hair and section off the bottom half, securing the top half with a clip.

Step 2 : Take a small section of your hair and twist the hair. Mist the section with a water bottle.

Step 3 : Take your soft chalk pastel stick and rub over the section while twisting the strand back and forth. Repeat over as many sections as desired.

Step 4 : To get the color to stick around, run a flat iron or curling iron through your hair, then spraying with a light hair spray.

Step 5 : Be creative after chalking your hair! Style in a messy bun or braids to show off the vibrant colors!

    How to do a crown braid #braids_tutorial

    Learn how to do a braided crown with a step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial.
    Step 1: Divide hair into 4 sections, seperating the front from the back on either side. 
    Step 2: Braid each section starting close to the root, 4 braids total, and look like a crazy person. 
    Step 3: Pull the end of one braid to the beginning of the next braid, going in the same direction all around the head. 
    Step 4: Bobby pin the end of each braid into the start of the braid beside it. Be sure to hide those bobby pins so that it looks like one braid all the way around!!
    Via: treasuresandtravelsblog

    How To Do a Sock Bun #sock_bun

    This is my go-to hairstyle when I haven't had time to wash my hair. It is simple, versatile and only takes a few quick minutes to put up. It works well in both a casual and dressy setting, so you can do your hair like this on days when you plan on going out later.

    Here's a simple method of doing a sock bun hairstyle:
    Step 1: Wet your hair a little. A spray bottle works well for this. You don't want your hair too wet, but just enough to make it slightly more manageable.
    Step 2: Comb your hair back in a high ponytail with no part in your hair.
    Step 3: Take an old sock (use a white sock if you have blond-ish hair and black or brown for brown-ish hair) and cut the toe portion out of the sock. Fold the sock up into a little bun.
    Step 4: Take your ponytail and fold your hair into the sock bun. Keep folding until you reach the crown of your head.
    Step 5: If you have any loose strands, simply secure them with bobby pins.
    Step 6: Secure the rest of the bun with bobby pins if you feel it is needed. Most people with thick hair, or very fine hair, will need the extra security.
    Step 7: Spray your hair down with hairspray or holding spray.

    How to Trim Your Own Split Ends #split_ends

    My favorite hair cutting techniques on how to completely get rid of your split ends at home! It's super easy and fool proof , anyone can do it and you'll save a ton of money. You're left with gorgeous beautiful hair, always!