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How to make your Nude Lipstick come to life and not look dead! #lipstick

If you’re doing a pinky nude or a peachy nude lip, you don’t need this. But if you’re doing a true nude lip, please take my advice and try this little trick! A nude lip is a gorgeous look that allows all of the focus to go to the eyes and I encourage everyone to own a nude lipstick and bring it out often. But there’s a fine line that separates pretty and well, how do I say it, dead! So bring your nude lip to life in a way that no one will even know you did anything! Here’s how:

You'll Need:

What To Do:

When you’re applying your foundation, include your lip area to tone down any natural lip color.

Line the perimeter with the nude lip liner.

Fill in the entire lip area with the nude lipstick.

Trace the inside area of the both the top and bottom lip with the pale pink lip liner. I prefer to keep it really thin but you can play with it and find how thick you want to make yours.

Blend the line by lightly tapping your finger over it.

Pair it with a Sparkle Smudge, a Cat Eye or a Smoky Eye and you’re good to go!

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