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Owner’s Guide to Curly Hair #hair_care_tips

Any girl with curly hair can attest to the fact that with curls, every day is an adventure. Even if your hair looks like you stepped out of a shampoo ad on a Monday, that doesn’t mean that Tuesday won’t look like you’ve got an animal on top of your head. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been trying to figure out your curly hair; we can all use a little help.

Below, We explains how to style curly hair, what to use, and what curly-haired girls should never, ever do to their tresses.

What are some of the best products for naturally curly hair, and how should they be applied? : L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Curve It Curl Taming Cream is one of the best products out there for curly hair. It is light weight but tames frizz and adds definition to the curls.

When is the best time to apply products? : After hair has been washed and towel dried, apply product to damp hair

If girls with super curly, frizzy hair want a smooth, sleek blowout, what’s the best way to go about styling hair without weighing it down? : It’s best to start with a great oil or serum on the ends and mid lengths when hair is damp. My favorite being L’Oréal Paris Oleo Therapy Perfecting Oil Essence. Then blow dry with a round brush as smooth as possible. Remember having a nozzle on your blow dryer is key for taming frizz while blow drying. Then touch up with a flat iron.

A lot of women are afraid of using a diffuser, simply because it looks intimidating. How should you actually use one, and would you suggest this over letting hair air dry? : After you’ve applied your product and towel dried hair, using a diffuser for about 50% of the drying process is helpful. Leave hair slightly damp to finish the drying process naturally with air. Or let hair air dry most of the way, and use the diffuser the rest of the drying process.

Should curly texture be treated any differently than a straighter texture when it comes to coloring hair? (Does curly hair dry out more?): Curly hair tends to be more coarse, which means that color along with lots of heat styling can make it more dry. Making sure your hair is conditioned with masks regularly, and/or oil treatments, also helps the color stay more vibrant and fresh.

Is there anything you’d say that girls with naturally curly hair should never, ever do? : Never ever let anyone cut your hair with a razor. Ever.

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