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Olive Oil For Eyelash Growth? #long_lashes

All you hear about in the beauty world today is how ladies are lengthening their eyelashes with different treatments and products. But did you know you can DIY eyelash growth with a simple ingredient? It takes a little patience, but working olive oil into your nightly routine is well worth it when you end up with stunningly long lashes. It won’t take too much time out of your schedule and it won’t cost you nearly as much as it would it a beauty salon!

All you need is olive oil and a few q-tips. Start by washing your face and eye area really well, focusing on removing your eye make up until your your face and eyes are clear of makeup. Next, dip your cotton swab in a small drop of olive oil and rub it as close to the lash line as possible without getting it in your eyes. Do this on both lashes and leave on overnight while you sleep.

Once you wake up, rinse and wash your face as normal. Repeat this process nightly to see longer, beautiful lashes in no time!

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