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The Best Lip Glosses #lipstick

The Everyday Gloss
  • With vbeauté Lip Spread you’ll never have to worry about selecting the right gloss color – it does it for you! This petite product reacts to your lip chemistry to create the afterglow Mother Nature intended you to have. Perfect for glossing on the go.

The Sophisticated Sparkler
  • This may be the gloss to change your opinion on sparkles. Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss is not your standard shimmering gloss. Twenty-four carat gold flecks sparkle and shine, creating an almost mirror-like effect. And it happens to be incredibly moisturizing.

The Evening Bag Best
  • When we’re looking for drama from our gloss, we turn to Giorgio Armani Gloss D’Armani Lip Gloss. Inspired by old Hollywood glamour, this is the gloss you want stashed in your evening bag. Long lasting, silky smooth, and never sticky, go ahead and dance the night away without worrying about color fade.

The Natural Gloss
  • Korres Cherry Full Color Gloss is chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants. The secret to this lip-conditioning gloss’s intense hydration is cherry oil. It’s the obvious choice for the natural beauty who wants high shine sans sulfates, parabens and petrochemicals.

The Gloss Girl’s Favorite
  • The exceptionally glossy Lancôme Juicy Tube is the true lip gloss lover’s go-to. The term “juicy tube” has been synonymous with ultra shiny gloss for what seems like ages. While it may not have been the first lip gloss invented (Beauty Fact: the first gloss was invented in 1930, and gave actresses in black and white films those vampy, high shine lips), it is our first choice for a fabulous lip fix.

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