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Why you should wear red lipstick #lipstick

Maybe memories of wiping Nana's beet-red pucker off your cheek has turned you off of red lipstick. Maybe it's red lipstick's reputation as a bad-girl color. Whatever reason why you're not wearing this timeless hue, it's time to expand your horizons. Red lipstick is making a major comeback, and if you think you can't pull it off, then think again. Depending on the hue you choose, red lipstick is classic, versatile and elegant. Start by considering a few things.

Dark lipstick can make lips look thinner, so avoid the hues at the dark end of the spectrum if you're older or have thin lips. If you'll be outside in natural light, then go lighter with a softer shade. For nighttime events, choose something bolder. Women who have striking features such as very dark hair or bright blue eyes can go a little bolder as well. Go easy on your eye makeup if you choose a bold red to avoid makeup overkill. Avoid that lady-of-the-night look by going neutral on your nailcolor as well. Begin applying red lipstick by giving lips a coating of clear balm.

Then dot a bit of concealer around the edges of your mouth and follow by lining lips with a complementary lip liner. These steps will help prevent bleeding. Apply red lipstick with precision - it's not the color to just slap on in your rearview mirror. It's important to consider your coloring before investing in a red lipstick. Generally, women with pink or blue undertones in their skin should look for red lipstick with the same undertones. Berry colors and those that tend to be pinker are perfect.

Women with warmer undertones - yellow or green - should opt for warm red hues, such as corals and orange-reds. Women who don't have a lot of differentiation in their skin and hair color can go bolder with darker burgundies and tomato reds. Don't like the color you've bought? Don't trash it yet - experiment to see if you can add a bronze or gold hue over it in order to warm it up, or a pink gloss to add more of a blue undertone.

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