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Easy and Chic Holiday Hairstyle Ideas #Hairstyles

Students or office ladies who want to jet off on holiday should choose a well-matched and brand new hairstyle. We have rounded up some must-try celebrity inspired hairstyles, Frome of them can bring you a whole new and fresh appearance.

Retro waves

We are living in a modern society and there are fewer opportunities to try out styles which are retro but elegant. Holiday is a good chance for you to relax and experiment on different hairstyles. Make a retro waves and match with hair accessories or bold jewellery.

Instantly make and go

First up is the easiest one that Kristen Stewart has loved all the time. We call it instantly make and go look. Except for suitable sunglasses, there is nothing more needed. No preparation, washing or styling is required. If you think it is a teeny bit of common hairstyle, you can throw on some shades. Ombre hair color is also a good choice here and you can use ombre hair extensions for help. It’ll work wonders on you. Trust me!!

Half up half down

For people who’d like to attempt some cute but elegant hairstyles, and this one is definitely a nice choice. Tease in volume at the crown by backcombing and pin up the front section. Curl the ends with curling iron and set the whole appearance with hair spray.

Twist fringe

It is an epic hairstyle which is perfect for holiday and prom. Pick out the front section of your hair and then style it away from your face. By twisting them and adding a bit of gel or wax, you can create a cute and stunning fringe.

Side swept tresses

If you are going to somewhere on a sunny day and you do not have enough time to top up your roots, you can make the most of them by creating such a new hairstyle. The side swept waves are a great way to blend those roots and the two tone hair colors can promote the feeling. Jessica Alba has been fond of this hairstyle and it is suitable for those whose hair has a natural curl when it is wet.


A very simple ponytail is perfect for a day spent on the beach and especially right for girls who have girl-next-door beauty. Just remember teasing out some strands at the front so that the whole feeling can be softened.

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