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Pretty and Practical Braids You Can Do in 5 Minutes #Hairstyles

Pretty plaits don’t have to be masterpieces. These simple, chic styles will have you out the door with time to spare. Accessorizing with a headband allows you to start your French braid much farther down.

Ombré takes a half-up braid from simple to captivating. Make sure to twist hair around the elastic for a chic finish.

A loose braid is the fastest braid of all a few up and overs, secured with an elastic.

Go romantic with two braids at the hairline, brought together at the back and secured with bobby pins

Too hot for a braid down your back? Twist it up into a side bun.

Fishtails are a busy girl’s dream because the messier, the better. No touchups here!

Speed up a French braid by pulling larger sections.

Speed up a crown braid by stopping just behind the ear and securing in a bun.

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