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10 Easy Ways To Make Your Lips Look Perfect #Lip_plumping

10 Easy Ways To Make Your Lips Look Perfect.

1. Transform any lipstick into a longwearing one.

All you need is powder.

2. You can also apply blush on top of any lip color to make it matte.

As long as they match, that is!

3. Get perfect red lips that don’t require constant upkeep.

Long-lasting and expertly shaped red lips aren’t that hard to do, really! This process works for making every other color look flawless, too.

4. But pick the right red for your skin tone beforehand.

Finding your ideal red is a life-changer. Once you do, you never want to take it off again (which is probably for the best, because it’s going to look so rad).

5. Use gold glitter to make any shade metallic.

Lightening your lips in the middle also creates the illusion of a fuller mouth, as if this look needed to rule more than it already does.

6. Channel the ’90s with this frosted effect.

If you want to look like a Barbie girl, this is the how-to you’ve been waiting for.

7. In fact, you can make your lips take any form you please with ease.

This handy diagram shows you how to fill in different mouth types so they look more evened-out.

8. Add volume to your lips with shimmer powder.

All you need for plumper lips is a little strategically-applied highlighter.

9. Or color outside the lines in order to fake a fuller mouth.

Disregard everything you learned in kindergarten and use a pencil to draw outside of your natural lines. Bigmouth strikes again!

10. Go all in and try getting super dark.

You can use black eyeliner to add intense shadowing to any color — this looks especially good with oxblood red, too.

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