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The 6 best makeup tricks you need to master! #makeup_tips

Every gal worth her mascara wand should be able to master these makeup styles at some point in her life especially because they can all be mixed and matched to always give you a completely flawless look no matter the amount of drama you're going for. Sure, they may take a little bit of practice (although we've found the most straight forward how-tos around!), and the first few times you might find yourself looking a bit like the Joker, but hey that's what makeup remover is for. So schedule in a couple of nights to stay home and practice your beauty game, and prepare to emerge from your hibernation as a perfectly made up butterfly.

How to fill in your brows

Are you filling in your brows yet? Because you totally should be. Even if you're like me and have brows as dark as a muppet (Just call me Oscar), you won't believe the difference a little bit of definition can make. Have you ever noticed how much more polished you look after you get your eyebrows done? Well, filling in your brows does this every single day. It's a total game changer in the beauty department.

Perfect winged liner

Once you've mastered the art of winged eyeliner, your life will be changed. Seriously, it's like you'll feel naked without a slick of eyeliner. The look is super flattering on literally everybody and comes in so many varieties.

How to apply false eyelashes

False eyelashes might appear to be firmly in the camp of the advanced, but they're actually way easier to apply than you think. The first time you nail your falsies, you'll be doing a happy dance because all of a sudden your eyes will be like Zooey Deschanel's. Think of it this way: if the girls of Geordie Shore can apply false eyelashes, then you can too!

Classic smokey eye

Your feelings about the Kardashian clan can greatly affect how you feel about the smokey eye (also known as Kim's signature look!), but even if you're not big on bold eyeshadow, the technique behind the smokey eye is something you should know. It's the basis of practically every eyeshadow look and can be darkened or lightened depending on the event.

How to apply bronzer

Bronzer is one of those strange beauty products that everybody owns but hardly anyone really knows how to use. Whether you just want to impart a nice summer glow or want to use it to add a bit of definition to those cheeks of yours, there's a bronzing technique for you to master.

A bold lip

No matter how chaotic your life is, you'll always look pulled together with a bold lip. Plus, as an added bonus, your lips are way easier to do than your eyes because you don't have to worry about blinking or not being able to see anything and beauty should be about making your life easier.

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