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Weird hair tricks that work #hair_care_tips

Everyone wants nice, perfect hair. You could go to a salon and have deep conditioning treatments done or you can try some of these cool tricks at home. There are a lot of crazy things I have heard about that help your hair and I want to share them with you.

Beer as a Shine Enhancer

My mom also said that she used to put beer in her hair as a teenager to make it shiny. It’s true though. Beer will help add a ton of shine to your hair as well as help with dryness and damage. Some people even say it helps thicken your hair. The hops and malt in the beer are made up of protein. These proteins can bond with the individual hairs, strengthening them.

To do a plain beer rinse, use flat warm beer that has been opened for a while. Apply to your whole head after shampooing. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse.

Gelatin as a Hair Thickener

Add 2 tsp of unflavored gelatin (the kind to make jelly preserves) to your shampoo to thicken your hair.

This doesn’t work as a permanent fix but it will make your hair appear to be thicker. It typically does the same thing that thickening shampoo does.

Mayonnaise as a Deep Conditioner

My mom told me that when she was a teenager, she used to put mayonnaise in her hair because it made it soft. Mayo contains a ton of oils and proteins that can be really great for your hair. It’s especially good for people with very dry and damaged hair.

To do this, apply a layer of mayo to your hair (roots to ends) and comb in through with a wide-tooth comb. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then rinse it out.

The downfall? If your hair is fine or not very damaged, it can weigh your hair down. I’d only recommend it if you have very dry or damaged hair. The other bad thing about this is that you will smell like egg salad.

Dryer Sheets to Reduce Static

We’ve all had those days where there is nothing you can do to rid your hair of static and fly-aways. A quick fix for this is to grab a dryer sheet and rub it on your head. They work by reducing static in laundry, so they also reduce static in your hair.

Avocado as a Hair Masque

Avocados are packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fats that are great for your hair. On a side note, they are good for your skin too. Peel an avocado, mash it up, and add a sprinkle of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, and mix. Add a raw egg to the mix for added protein.

Apply the whole thing to your hair, and let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse it completely out. Now you have amazing soft hair. Repeat once a week for best results.

Ice Water as a Quick Shine Fix

My least favorite part of taking a shower is at the very end, right before I get out. I always turn the water on the coldest it will go and rinse my hair and face with it. The cold water seals your cuticle shut, which makes your hair shinier and also appear to be healthier. Believe me, it sucks, especially in the winter (it snows where I live), but it does work.

It also closes the pores in your face, which makes them appear smaller. It’s only uncomfortable for a minute and then you are fine. I usually just tilt my head back into the cold water, so the rest of my body won’t get hit with it.

Oatmeal as a Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo has recently made a comeback and I hear people asking for it in the salon all the time. I personally like dry shampoo for occasions like camping, where it may be hard to shower. The downfall of dry shampoo is that it leaves a talc finish in your hair, which makes your hair appear to be grey or white.

An easy, natural alternative to dry shampoo is oatmeal. It absorbs oil as well as dry shampoo and is easy to brush out. Just apply the dry oatmeal to your entire head and try to massage it around so it gets every little crevice. When you feel it is done, simply brush it out.

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

I remember reading a long time ago that castor oil will help your eyebrows and eyelashes grow faster. It is also said to help the hair on your hair grow faster. It works by strengthening the hair follicle. To try this, apply castor oil to your entire scalp and massage in.

Cover your hair with a plastic cap and allow to sit for at least 20 minutes (sleep with it in for best results). Shampoo your hair really good to get all of the oil out. Repeat this once a week for best results.

Flax Seed as a Frizz-Fighting Gel

When you boil a pot of flax seeds, they produce their own gel. After boiling the seeds, strain it and use the gel in your hair for curl-defining, frizz-fighting hold, with none of the crunchiness. Add some coconut oil for shine.

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Conditioner

The pH level of Apple Cider Vinegar is close to the natural pH of hair. So many people SWEAR by using this as a conditioner. It balances the pH of hair, closes the cuticle and adds shine.

Sure, you have to deal with the smell, but it goes away after you rinse your hair and dry it. To use, just splash your hair with Apple Cider Vinegar before you get out of the shower. You can’t knock it ’till you try it.

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