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5 Ways to Lighten Armpits & the Bikini Area #skin_care

Bleaching – Home Remedies
If you’ve tried it all and are still grappling, you can try gently bleaching the area to lighten the skin. “Peroxide is known for its bleaching abilities, so is lemon juice,” explains Estrada.

To treat the area, apply a small amount of peroxide or lemon juice to a cotton ball and apply to the underarm area a few times a day. Wash off the substance after about 15 minutes.
Be mindful that these ingredients are both highly acidic, so you may want to apply a thin layer of coconut or almond oil after washing off the peroxide or lemon juice to help soothe the skin. If your skin begins to show signs of irritation, stop the treatment.

Dead skin cells don’t just build up on your elbows and knees. They can accumulate in the underarm and bikini areas, irritating the skin and making it appear duller and darker.

Before shaving, you should exfoliate using a scrub, loofah or exfoliating brush. This will help remove the dry skin and has the added benefit of helping to prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritation in the bikini area.

Whitening Deodorant
To prevent excess sweating/odor while treating any hyperpigmentation, you could try a whitening deodorant. There are several on the market with different ingredients, so make sure you find one that’s gentle on your skin to prevent further irritation and pigmentation.

Look for a whitening deodorant that moisturizes while lightening the existing dark spots to help relieve irritation after shaving. Check out ones containing sunflower oil, which is a great moisturizer for underarms.

Bleaching – OTC & Prescription Creams
Chemical skin bleaching creams can be very successful at lightening darkened areas of skin, but you should be careful as to the product you are applying and how often you are treating the area.

“There are many different skin lightening or bleaching agents out there so it is important to consider which you are applying,” explains dermatologist Dr. Adam Freidman. You’ll most commonly find the ingredient hydroquinone in bleaching creams, which works by preventing the skin pigment protein melanin from being made. “This agent is very effective, however if used too long or possibly too high a concentration, it could cause a reverse effect and worsen the discoloration, a condition called exogenous ochronosis,” warns Dr. Freidman.

Laser Hair Removal
If you properly do laser hair removal, you will no longer need to shave or wax the treated areas. So if your dark armpit or bikini area skin is being caused by shaving or waxing irritation, and/or the fact that you can see the bit of dark hair stubble just under the skins surface as it’s growing back, laser hair removal may be a great solution for you.

Laser hair removal is semi-permanent, but hair won’t grow back if you complete the necessary number of treatments (including infrequent, but ongoing, touchups). Many experts swear by it, but if you’re considering the procedure, check out these important tips you need to know about laser hair removal.

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