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Easy ways to curl your hair without heat #hair_curling

Texturizing Twist

Use a sea-salt infused styling spray like L’Oréal Paris EverStyle Texture Series Beach Spray to scrunch and twist into damp or dry hair for perfectly textured waves in seconds, heat free! If it’s close to bedtime, spritz the texturizing spray all over, twist sections of your hair and pin them up with claw clips overnight for an intentional bed head look!

Rag Wrapping

Yes, this exists! This old-school way is perfect for hair that just refuses to hold a curl! Cut a soft fabric rag or an old T-shirt into 1-inch wide strips (something clean, ladies these will be in your hair!). For glossy and tangle-free curls, add L’Oréal Paris EverCurl Silk and Gloss Dual Oil Care to wet hair and comb through.

Divide hair into small sections and place the rag at the end of your hair, rolling upwards toward your scalp. Once you reach your roots, tie the ends of the rag to form a knot! Repeat until you’ve wrapped all of your hair. Once you unroll them in the morning, comb through the hair with your fingers and you’re good to go.

Flexi Rods

Great for short or long hair! Apply a small amount of Matrix Curl Contouring Lotion to nearly dry hair for added body and bounce. Grab a small section of your hair and wrap it around the Flexi Rod from root to tip. Once you’ve wrapped the entire strand, coil the rod upwards to stay in place. Repeat until all of your hair is immersed in flexi rods and you kind of look like Medusa (a much prettier version, of course!). Leave them in overnight and remove in the morning for full, bouncy curls!

Headband Curls

Grab a stretchy headband and put it on your head over damp hair (so hip!). Twist a small section of hair, starting by your ear and then loop it around the headband. Add more hair to your next twist and repeat the looping until you’re out of hair! If you have layers and notice a few strands peeking out, use Kérastase Paris Forme Fatale to tuck away strays and provide added shape. Take out the headband in the morning and enjoy those heat-free spirals.

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