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Makeup Tips for Eye Glass wearers #Eye_Makeup

If you're a girl who wears glasses, you know that finding just the right makeup to pair with your specs can be tricky business. So if you're looking for a brand new way to boost your makeup routine, here's some tips.

1. Don't skip the mascara. 
  • I've heard so many ninnies say "Mascara sticks to lenses! You can't wear mascara with glasses!" Well...yeah...if you don't let it dry first OR curl your lashes (see #4). Exercise some common sense here. Apply mascara, wait for it to dry. Put glasses on. Voila! Mascara really opens up the eyes. Don't skip it just because you wear glasses!

2. Curl your lashes. 
  • This goes without saying. Every woman with eyelashes should be doing this. Period. Non-negotiable. It's amazing how this one quick step will open up the eyes. And if you have stick-straight lashes, this will help keep them from poking your lenses.

3. Thick frames? Thicker liner. Thin frames? Thin liner. 
  • You don't want your pretty liner getting lost behind those thick horn-rims or your dramatic liquid-lined cat eye overpowering your dainty wireless specs! Make sure to step up your eyeliner game if you're rocking some big, hipster glasses and take it down a few octaves if your frames are very thin or non-existent.

4. Nude liner in your water line. 
  • I'm sure you've all heard that white liner in the bottom water line creates a larger, more "awake" look, however, in my years of doing makeup, I have found that NUDE liner (less expensive version here) looks much more natural and gives a beautifully "alert" look. If you have allergies and your eyes get all red and scratchy, first put some Visine in there, THEN trace your nude liner along your bottom water line. This little trick also works wonders with that pesky little aforementioned dark shadow problem.

5. Don't forget your skin. 
  • Don't think for one second people won't notice your skin just because you're wearing glasses! Make sure to refine your complexion with a suede-finish foundation or in the very least, a BB or CC cream to even things out and create a beautiful canvas. Don't forget a sweep of a rosy blush to the apples of your cheeks.

6. Don't go too dark with your shadow. 
  • Wearing glasses can make eyes appear darker (and smaller depending on your prescription) than they really are. This doesn't mean you can't carefully apply a crease color, just make sure to keep it above the lid but below the brow bone and keep the color civilized...for example: taupe, light gray, soft brown, gold, etc.

7. Use a peach or yellow based concealer under eyes. 
  • Glasses can sometimes cast dark circles under our eye area (as if we needed any more of that, amiright?!) Counteract the raccoon effect by applying a creamy peach or yellow (make sure you choose the yellow option if you click that link) under-eye concealer and setting with a very fine milled loose powder like this.

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