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How To Do a Sock Bun #sock_bun

This is my go-to hairstyle when I haven't had time to wash my hair. It is simple, versatile and only takes a few quick minutes to put up. It works well in both a casual and dressy setting, so you can do your hair like this on days when you plan on going out later.

Here's a simple method of doing a sock bun hairstyle:
Step 1: Wet your hair a little. A spray bottle works well for this. You don't want your hair too wet, but just enough to make it slightly more manageable.
Step 2: Comb your hair back in a high ponytail with no part in your hair.
Step 3: Take an old sock (use a white sock if you have blond-ish hair and black or brown for brown-ish hair) and cut the toe portion out of the sock. Fold the sock up into a little bun.
Step 4: Take your ponytail and fold your hair into the sock bun. Keep folding until you reach the crown of your head.
Step 5: If you have any loose strands, simply secure them with bobby pins.
Step 6: Secure the rest of the bun with bobby pins if you feel it is needed. Most people with thick hair, or very fine hair, will need the extra security.
Step 7: Spray your hair down with hairspray or holding spray.

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