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How to make the perfect bun without a sock #sock_bun

I’m not the biggest fan of sock buns because I think it’s weird to put a sock in your bun. Don’t even get me started on those hair donuts. That’s why I do the style of a sock bun without the sock! It can be done, I promise.

Start With Dry Hair: This bun is a lot easier with straight hair so I opted to blow dry mine. Dirty hair is better for hold, but I hadn't washed mine in a while so I really needed to. I did a blowout with volumizing mousse to give my hair some texture.

Pull Your Hair Into A Ponytail: You can place your bun wherever you like! I like my bun to be kind of high on my head.

Tease It Up: Use your teasing comb to tease your ponytail at the base, not on the ends! To tease, comb backward through your hair. You'll notice it will start to get a bit knotted and have a ton of volume.

Divide Your Hair Into Sections: Split your teased ponytail into two sections. One should be in the front and one should be in the back.

Roll The Front: Starting at the end of the front section, roll your hair under all the way up to the base of your ponytail.

Pin It: The roll you made will be tight. Slightly move it to wrap around the top of your head. I used one pin in the middle and one on either side.

Roll The Back: Start at the end of the back section and roll it under to the base, just like you did with the front section. Connect the two sections by pulling them together and pinning them in place.

Finish With Hairspray: And you're done! How easy was that?!

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