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How to Keep Your Platinum-Blonde Hair Bright and Healthy

Tip 1: Don’t go out without it in the summer months, not without UV protection that is! Light hair contains less melanin than darker hair shades. The rays of the sun will therefore much easier penetrate your hair. As a matter of fact, hair needs the more protection the lighter it is.

Tip 2: Does your platinum blonde hair show a yellow tinge? Shampoos for grey or white hair can remedy this by neutralising the unwanted yellow tones with magenta pigments. Natural allies in the fight against the yellow tinge are chamomile and lavender. Both are well-loved stars among the hair care ingredients.

Tip 3: Have you discovered a green tinge in your blonde hair? Copper in your tap water may be the culprit. Acidic rinses are the remedy of choice. The rinse may consist of 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a glass of water or alternatively, of an aspirin dissolved in water.

Tip 4: Bleached hair absolutely needs a weekly cure. Different from conditioners, these hair cures provide active ingredients, which deeply penetrate the hair. Every bleaching results in damages to the dandruff layer. The regular application of hair cures will alleviate those damages.

Platinum Hair Care Products:

Use a protein-based shampoo:

Alternate with a toning shampoo:


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