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10 Hair Ideas to Try This Summer #Hairstyles

Braids are a classic go to hairstyle for summer, but switch things up with a French braid styled to the side.

Nothing goes better with a perfect summer day than high waisted shorts and your hair effortlessly thrown into a high ponytail. Try this ponytail for a day of walking around with friends or running your errands.

Whether coming home from the beach or not having time to fully do your hair in the morning, toss you tresses up into a quick and easy top knot and secure with bobby pins. Simple!

Add some flare to a low bun with this gorgeous waterfall braid.

Whip your hair into this awesome low knot for an edgy vibe.

Opt for a messy fishtail braid for outdoor activities like a bike ride or rollerblading session with friends.

Whether grabbing coffee or meeting friends for lunch, this crown braid is gorgeous.

Try a sweet high ponytail with beachy waves and a bow to top off the whole look!

If you're tired of the original braid, try a rope braid for something different, and add some hair chalk for extra flare.

You're never too old for pigtails, especially when they look this sultry.

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