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How to Get Silky Smooth Hair #hair_care_tips

There are ways to get that smooth, shiny, and very silky do' that you think professionals only know how to create. Well, you can do it too! Read on to find out how to get your dream hairstyle.

Find the perfect shampoo.
Depending on what type of hair you have, you should probably get something that smooths it out and serves it plenty of volume. Try using Dove's Daily Moisture Hair Protection Shampoo and Conditioner or Frizz Control, which gives it plenty of shine and smoothness!

Use conditioner.
The shampoo and conditioner cannot be two different types. The reason for this is lies on the ingredients. Because most brands of shampoos and conditioners all use different ingredients or add different types to their products, mixing two could cause you to have ' not the hair you want.

While washing your hair, if you want it to come out as soft and silky as it can get, use 2 treatments of shampooing, and wash it twice using shampoo.
Scrub your roots hard and get the soap as deep into your scalp so that your hair is a bubbly mess.

Do not use extremely hot water.
Warm-hot is the perfect temperature for washing shampoo out.

Make sure not to use a straightening iron.
To get smooth and silky hair, flat irons can do permanent and irreplaceable damage to hair unless you are planning on getting lots of hair extensions. Flat irons can cause lots of damage such as split ends and breaking of hair due to excessive heat.

To dry, use a hair dryer that has a straightening piece on the end that will prevent frizz and breaking of hair in the process.
When drying, start the brush at the top of your head, where the hair parts, in the middle or on the side, and go down with the hair dryer straightening piece an inch or two away from the hair.

After scrubbing just like the shampoo process, make sure to work it into the scalp as deep as possible.
Leave the product in for 1-3 minutes before thoroughly washing the conditioner out of your hair. Make sure there is no greasiness left in, you need to be certain that their is no product left in your hair.

Once you are done rinsing your hair, dry it LIGHTLY with a towel.
Do not rub the towel on your hair, for this could cause excessive frizziness and take out the smoothness and volume that your hair deserves.

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