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Makeup Tips For Dark Skinned Ladies #makeup_tips

I don’t think I stand alone, when I say that the beauty industry can be quite forgetful of dark skinned women. Today, I want to share with you some important makeup tips that, I think, every dark skinned lady should know, when looking for the right makeup:

Makeup Tips For The Face
More often than not, dark skinned women tend to have an uneven skin tone. They have darker forehead and lighter center, so, in order to get flawless looking skin, we often have to play with few shades of foundation, if we want to get the most natural of looks. 
The thing to remember, when applying foundation, is that we want to create a seamless finish and gradual transition between the lighter part of the face (which is, usually, the center) and darker parts of complexion (which are, usually, the forehead and perimeter). 
If you want to enhance the lighter tone in your skin, then, simply apply a tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation that matches the center of your face and then, use a copper bronzer on the forehead and perimeter of your face. Remember to blend, blend and blend! This will help diffuse the transition between the two tones… 
If you want to play with the warmer tone, then find a shade that falls somewhere in between the lighter and darker part of your face and apply it everywhere! Everywhere? Yes, all over your face! Because, if you simply apply a foundation that matches only the darker part of your skin (or a lighter part), it simply won’t look natural! Remember, we’re trying to even out the two different skin shades.

Makeup Tips For The Eyes
The majority of dark skinned ladies have either dark brown or hazel eyes, therefore, the best colors that complement those tones would be deep shades of purple (it, really, does look great on dark skinned girls!) 
Luckily, ladies with dark skin can amazingly pull off lovely golden and bronze tones as well, and, even, turn these tones from a natural day time look into a sexy and elegant night time one, it will always look gorgeous! 
Too be honest, I have stayed away from gold for quite some time now, but only recently I tried a look which, I think, turned out to be both strong and elegant. Have a look below and let me know what you think!

Makeup Tips For The Lips
Dark skinned ladies need to STAY AWAY from contrasting colors, such as pale nudes, for example! Unless you’re trying to look sick, there is, definitely, no reason why somebody with really dark skin tone should wear light nudes on the lips. 
If you still want to go for a nude lip tone, make sure you chose the color that is close to your skin tone, which can be brownish shade and, sometimes, even an orangy one; these tones will make you look more natural! Deep shades of lipstick, such as plums, wines and deep reds are the best colors for dark skinned girls. 
One tone that I find particularly amazing on dark skin is Rebel lipstick by Mac! It’s a medium toned plum with a satin finish and I think, this is what adds up to it’s elegance!

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