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The Best Waterproof Makeup Ever #makeup_tips

I’ve always been an avid fan of waterproof mascara and lip stain, but all that long-lasting makeup can cause some serious strain to your face and I always seem to be completely out of makeup remover. I am constantly being scolded for this lapse in my beauty routine, but I have managed to improvise over the years and I am going to share my beauty secrets with you!

Cold Cream
My grandmother has been using Pond’s Cold Cream to remove makeup for as long as I can remember and it is easy to see why. After a long day, nothing is quite as relaxing like applying a thick coat of cold cream to your face and letting it work its magic. Good for removing an entire face of makeup, I usually give my face a quick wash before, pat dry and then apply the cold cream as a deep conditioning treatment and the final defense against stubborn makeup. Same as the petroleum jelly, let the cold cream soak into the skin for a few minutes before you wipe clean with a warm washcloth (baby washcloths work best). Not only will your face be free of makeup, but it will be extra moisturized!

Petroleum Jelly
My cure-all product, petroleum jelly is essential to my beauty routine for more than just moisturizing. When I have applied a particularly pigmented lip color or liquid liner applying a bit of Vaseline to the area helps me remove them without having to rub my skin raw. Apply just a bit of your petroleum jelly brand of choice to your lips or eyelids and let it sit for a few minutes. Then take a warm washcloth or cotton balls and wipe clean.

Olive Oil
A high school physics teacher once told me that putting olive oil on your eyelashes every night will help them grow. While I’ve never tested this theory I can say that olive oil does break down the waterproof properties in your mascara and allows you to clean it off with just a few swipes. Just apply a little drop to your fingers and rub your lashes inbetween your index finger and thumb until all your lashes are coated in oil. The mascara will literally start coming off on your fingers!

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