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How to Use a Streaking Brush to Create Perfect Highlights #Highlights

You can create highlights only in select places using a streaking brush. This allows you to develop your own style with a few well-placed light effects, highlighted areas all over your scalp or select lightened areas like for example your fringes (bangs). Here is the method:

Step 1: First, comb your hair thoroughly and part in its usual place

Step 2: Now prepare the streaking mix and apply it to the desired hair strands using the streaking brush. This works best if you pull the respective hair strand away from your scalp. Avoid applying the streaking mix to the scalp as best as you can. We recommend leaving about a quarter of an inch of the hair strands near the scalp untreated. This will make the transition to the growing root portion look more natural later on

Step 3: Styling the hair in the back of your head requires working with two mirrors or better still, the help of a friend. The application time depends on the original colour of your hair and the desired degree of bleaching

Step 4: At the end of the application time, thoroughly rinse your hair with water before washing it with a mild shampoo. Allow the conditioner to remain in your hair for a few minutes. Finally, rinse your hair again

Step 5: One more thing: Enjoy the highlights in your hair!

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