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10 Random Makeup and Beauty Tips and Tricks #makeup_tips

1. Instead of buying a dozen of different lip liners buy just one liner close to your natural lip color and use it for everything.

2. Forget what you know about lining your lips and draw two V shapes on outer corners of your lips. This will make your lips look fuller and more natural.

3. Alternatively, you can cut one false lash in half and apply that half to the outer corner of your eye. You will save on eye lashes and get a natural cat-like look in one stroke.

4. Highlight anything you want to emphasize or appear bigger. Depending on your natural skin color you should be using anything between white and light beige for this task.

5. Apply contouring powder or cream or bronzing powder on anything you want to minimize. For example, you can make your nose shorter by applying contouring products on the tip of your nose. You can make your face slimmer by applying these products on the sides of your face and close to the center. Applying it only on the sides will make your face appear wider though.

6. Before applying anything to your lips brush them using a soft toothbrush. This will make them more smooth and make your lip gloss or lipstick last longer.

7. Prime your eyelids with a special product (eyelid primer), light foundation or even nude eye shadow. Almost anything will do and will be better than nothing. Your eye makeup needs a base, something to stick to.

8. You can alter the appearance of your brows by simply trimming them. Use brow brush and small scissors for this task. It is so simple you will be blown away. Plucking your brows is the last resort and can be avoided in most cases.

9. You can get a decent whitening effect by brushing your teeth with paste made of few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice and sodium bicarbonate once a week.

10. You can completely unclog your pores by applying a mixture of one part of apple cider vinegar and one part of water on your face every day.

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