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Celebrity Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes #eye_makeup

Here is a quick idea on how to modify a type of celebrities makeup for blue eyes

Step One: First apply a primer and then apply stick concealer or a foundation to your eye lids and blend well with a moistened makeup sponge.

Step Two: Do not use too much shimmer because blue eyes have a tendency to seem quite pale anyhow. So start off with a silver shade (not with too much sparkles and go on up to the brow bones starting from the lids)

Step Three: Blend in a lavender or light mauve shade on to the lid in such a way that distinction between the silver and the mauve /lavender shade isn’t prominent.

Step Four: Apply a dark grey eye liner (in a thin line) in your upper and lower lashes.

Step Five: Finish off with mascara. Blue eyes look best with light blue mascara, but you can also use your normal black ones and line your under lash line with a light line of dark blue as well after applying grey eye liner. It will add an awesome drama. Try it !

Best color of liners for Blue Eyes are any shades of grey, taupe, silver, mauve, lilac, lavender, purple, black and Camel.

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