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How to care for wavy and curly hair #hair_curling

getting curly hair to look gorgeous on a daily basis takes dedication and how you care for curls depends on what type of texture you have. We asked two texture experts, to school us in the basic care and feeding of curly hair.

Medium Curly Hair

What it looks like: Hair that is ‘classically’ curly has wide curls with good definition, bounce and lots of volume. Occasionally two types of medium curls are found on one head, a bigger, looser curl mixed with tighter ringlets.

What it needs: “Curly hair is usually soft to the touch, but needs a moisturizing system to keep hair smooth and healthy,” says Shorter. As for styling, you will need products to keep hair defined and frizz free.

Products to try: To keep curls hydrated, use a light lathering, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner such as DevaCurl Low-Poo Cleanser and One Condition.

Aveda Be Curly Curl Controller is a light lotion that defines and softens curls. “The consistency is a serum-like cream that glides easily through all types of curly hair,” says Shorter. “The hair dries soft and touchable with a generous shine.”

Paul Mitchell Twirl Around Crunch-Free Curl Definer combines a frizz-fighting gel formula with a moisturizing cream to help coax curly hair into perfect spirals.

Wavy to Loose Curly Hair:

What it looks like: Soft, less defined waves that are approximately 2” wide. Hair is curlier with length.

What it needs: Loose curls and waves have the tendency to fall flat. I recommend products that will add life to those looser curls and waves.

You may need a mousse or light gel to combat frizz when styling.

Products to try: A volumizing shampoo and conditioner, such as Ouidad PlayCurl Volumzing Shampoo and Conditioner helps give loose curls and waves needed bounce.

Style hair with an ultra-light mousse to define curls and fight frizz. Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse ($23.20) won’t weigh down waves.

Add a curl-enhancing mist for hold and extra definition. Fekkai Perfectly Luscious Curls Wave Activating Spray helps lock in texture.

Tight Curly to Kinky Hair

What it looks like: Tight curly hair is “a mixture of 1/2″ to 1″ wide curls throughout the hair, while kinky texture features “tiny ringlets of mostly Z-shaped hair when stretched.

What it needs: The curliest type of hair is also the most prone to dryness and damage, so deep conditioning treatments are important. It generally doesn’t have the protective layer that all other types have, so hair is much more fragile.

I recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase to reduce tangles. Also, air drying tight curls or using a hair dryer on low heat with a diffuser works best for this type.

Products to try: Since tight curly hair is so dry, you can skip shampoo and just wash with conditioner. Try L’OrĂ©al Paris EverCurl Hydracharge Cleansing Conditioner ($6.99) for a non-lathering option.

A leave-in conditioning product can also help moisturize curls and downplay frizz. Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Original Leave-In Moisturizer ($20) has cocoa and shea butters to nourish parched hair.

Once a week in the shower, use a hair mask such as Ojon Dry Recovery Intensive Hydrating 2-Minute Hair Mask ($34).

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