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7 Easy Ways to Make Your Ponytail Sexy #Hair_Beauty

Here are our picks for the best ponytails that aren’t that tricky to pull off.

All Sleeked Up Ponytail:

So, the Kardashians have this look pretty much locked down. in a nutshell: use a straightening serum on wet hair before blowing out perfectly straight, then use hairspray for hold. My fun tip: Spritz a blush brush or toothbrush with hairspray to smooth those tiny annoying little antennae pieces.

High Ponytail:

Classic LC: She loves a bouncy high pony. The Conrad magic, though, is how she can still pull it off looking chic, not cute. Adopt similar Kim Kardashian sleek technique for this one, but deploy a large barrel tong or hot rollers on your ‘tail for bouncing body.

Full Curl Ponytail:

How amazing does ombré look with a full, voluminous curl? This is the perfect look for the wavy haired girl running late. Pull into a ponytail sitting just about your ears and use a volumizing powder to create slight texture around the part line, keeping it all loose and natural.

Low 'N' Loose Ponytail:

The prime example of dressing down. Not that the Duchess of Cambridge ever has this worry, but for us pleb folk, when you are in that situation of say… your boyfriend’s work party. Of course he hasn’t taken notice of the dress code and your worried that your dress is too formal/out there/inappropriate – this is the hair to pull out.

Textured And Backcombed Ponytail:

If your hair is somewhere between straight and curly, don’t think you have to go one way or the other. Work with your natural texture and by employing some backcombing at your crown, you can create a structured ponytail that still manages to look perfectly casual.

Just Throw it All Back Ponytail:

She might have just come from the gym, or straight off the catwalk, but Jess Hart proves that if your face, outfit and legs look that good, your hair automatically goes from messy to ‘Yep, I really am just that cool.’

Side-Parted Ponytail:

It’s sleek again, but not headache-inducing like some similar options appear to be. Sarah Hyland works with her face shape by utilizing a side-part and the old classic ponytail trick of wrapping a piece of hair around your ponytail. You may want to go with her look of long, dangling earrings to balance out the look, too.

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