5 Easy ways to hide dirty hair & look good #Hair_Beauty

The ol' headwear con
Why do you think celebrities wear so many hats (and hair scarves)? They can’t do their own blowouts either, so bide the in-between hairstylist time with a little felt. Let’s call Jessica Alba the queen of this hat bluff.

Side part bun
Often, the concentration of oil will be along the center-part line so you can get away with spritzing dry shampoo over a side part and gently backcombing so you’ve got height at the roots and through the lengths. Affix into a side-pony or low-bun, keeping the whole look loose and relaxed.

Delay it
Living Proof’s Prime Style Extender: Get on it. The buzz on this product is huge, and with good reason, it allows you to starve off dirty hair for 2x longer than regular styling products using their technology that repels dirt and oil. It also works to hold styles for longer… double win!

Work with, not against
Not for the faint-hearted, but for the hair experimental types why not take a note from the runway with a wet look effect? Steal your boyfriend’s pomade or gel, and work a deliberately downtown, Alexander Wang-esque effect.

Work with it
Some of the best hair magic happen when you’ve got excessive oiliness, believe it or not. Add some volumizing powder into it (or baby powder, if you’re desperate) and you’ve got yourself a texture party that’s great for going with the beach hair look, Keep adding powder for this one; the more the better.