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How to shape your eyebrows #eyebrows

This is the perfect method to use if you want to have precise brows, especially if you're overdue for a brow shaping. Here are some tips to achieve a flawless, natural looking brow:

Step 1: Start off by filling in your eyebrows, using either brow powder, cream or a brow pencil. Filling in your brows first really gives your brows shape.

Step 2: Once you have your desired shape, use a flat tip brush, along with a cream concealer one shade lighter than your skin-tone, then go tightly underneath your brows in the direction of brows to highlight.

Step 3: Blend the concealer by pulling the color into your eye area so that it doesn't appear too light. You can also take the concealer on top of your eyebrows or the outer arch to really carve out the shape.

Step 4: Finish off your brows by using a Brow Set Clear to tame unruly brows and to keep them in place.

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