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It's So BIG Volumizing Mascara #eye_makeup

This mascara is honestly incredible. I've tried SO many mascaras and there always seems to be one missing piece--either the mascara looks great but requires a primer, or it lasts forever but doesn't go on that well, or it goes on well but irritates my eyes after a day of wear, etc.--but with this mascara, I swear I have no complaints. It doesn't need a primer, it goes on beautifully and is super easy to build, it never, ever runs, it comes off easily with makeup remover (or even water and a washcloth if you're in a pinch), and it never irritates my eyes or makes me feel like I have dry lashes. It looks GREAT.

Before trying this mascara I felt like I sort of had to pick between a more subtle, daytime mascara and a more dramatic volumizing mascara, but with this mascara I can wear one or two coats for a softer look, or really layer it for extra volume without clumping or spidery lashes. Insane. I also love that you can get a free sample (that arrives super quick!!) via their website before buying. Perfect perfect perfect.

you can get it from Amazon.

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