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Makeup for girls with glasses #eye_makeup

Step 1: Apply primer from lid up to brow bone, and on lower lashline.

Step 2: Sweep Silk Teddy from Natural Eyes Shadow Palette, across brow bone and on inner eye.

Step 3: pack Push-up (or a medium neutral) from Natural Eyes Shadow Palette on lid.

Step 4: Sweep Erotica (or a dark brown) in outer crease and outer v of your eye, bringing it down to your lashline at the outer corners. Blend, blend, blend. This should look like a seamless transition between the colors.

Step 5: Line your upper lashline with liquid liner. For tips on creating a cat-eye, click here.

Step 6: Line your lower lashline and waterline with pencil, then sweep Erotica (or dark brown) across your lower lashline. Blend, and add more liner if necessary.

Step 7: Add mascara, blush, and lipstick. Now you're done!

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