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Olive Oil as a Hair Treatment #hair_mask

An olive oil hair treatment actually helps to, nourish and condition your scalp and hair and replenish your hair's natural strength.

Step 1: Pour 1 to 1 1/2 cups of olive oil -- depending on the length of your hair -- into a microwavable glass or bowl. Microwave oil for 10 seconds at a time. Test on inside of your wrist after each 10 seconds of heating. Be extremely careful that the oil is comfortably warm -- not hot -- to the touch.

Step 2: Apply the warm oil generously to your hair with your fingers. Take a few minutes to really massage the olive oil in, using the pads of your fingers to gently work the olive oil into your hair and scalp in circular motions. Olive oil is full of vitamin E and is incredibly nourishing to the skin of your scalp. The massaging action also helps to improve circulation.

Step 3: Cover your hair with a plastic shower cap. Soak a bath towel in hot water and wring out. Wrap the warm, damp towel around your head. This will help to seal in the heat and ensure you reap the greatest benefits from your hair treatment.

Step 4: Spend 30 minutes relaxing while your nourishing olive oil hair treatment does its work. When your towel begins to cool off, re-soak it in hot water. Wring out and return towel to your head.

Step 5: Unwrap the towel and remove shower cap after 30 minutes. Rinse hair well and shampoo as usual.

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