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Simple step by step tutorial for soft waves with a traditional curling iron #hair_curling

1. The biggest mistake girls make when curling is starting all the way at the ends of the hair strand and curling up. do not do this! first of all, you ends are the most fragile and need the least amount of heat.

The longer amount of time the hair is on the barrel, the more curl it will have. so if you wonder why your ends are super ringlet-y and the top has no wave or curl, that's why! you must start from the top of each section and slowly release the clamp and turn, bringing the ends in last.

2. With this method, you will get a consistent curl [especially on long hair] because the top of each section is on the barrel the longest, receiving more heat, and providing consistent even curl. the ends will be less damaged too!

3. The other part to this method is the direction in which you curl the hair. if you curl it all in the same direction, meaning all away or towards your face depending on your preference, you will have a very soft smooth wavy effect when you brush through it.

4. And that's it! spray some light hairspray if you want and let hair cool before you brush through either with your hands or a brush! super simple, easy, and really only takes me 5-10 minutes after blow drying my hair. always apply something to protect your hair before using hot tools!

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