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6 Videos For Those Who Can’t Actually Braid #braids_tutorial

If you love the look of braids, but you don’t quite have your braiding skills down yet, put your worries to rest. Here's 6 YouTube videos for some ways to cheat on braiding.

Bebexo has us covered when it comes to faking braids with this tutorial that shows us two different looks. The only downside of this video is that we can’t decide which style we like more!

If you’re all about the volume then this is the braided style for you! Stefanie Lohrey shows us how to get the messy fishtail braid look with some curls.

For girls on the go, this one’s for you! Get a fabulous faux fishtail braid in just seconds — it’s so good you won’t believe it’s not real. via: Vintagious

This style has so much dimension that you’re sure to be mistaken for a pro stylist once you’re done. via: Bebexo

Pulling our hair never seemed like a good idea until now. But, don’t worry, this pull-through braid doesn't hurt one bit!

A different twist on the traditional fishtail braid, this look is just as cute as it is easy. A gorgeous style that’s effortless? We hit the jackpot when we found this one.

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