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Biotin Hair Growth Vitamins #long_hair

Ever since I cut my hair short I have been wearing long hair extensions, because I really do prefer it long (I’ve realized!). The only problem is, having these hair extensions has damaged my hair follicles and my hair grows much slower now than it did before I had extensions, and it’s also much thinner now in certain places. All of which puts me in a tricky situation, I’m happier with my extensions in, but when I’m wearing them, my hair is being damaged and is growing at a snails pace. Well it was, until someone told me about Biotin and other vitamins that can promote hair growth.

After detailed research I chose HairAnew by Naturenetics, mainly because it had the same amount of Biotin as all the other Biotin products but it had many other vitamins and ingredients that I read were also very good for hair. Well I’m glad I did, because my hair is now growing thicker and faster than it ever has, even before the extensions.

I feel like I’ve got renewed hope of having natural long and healthy hair again, and the way it’s going, it looks like it will be sooner rather than later. If there is anyone else in a similar situation or who just wants their hair growing faster and thicker then I would strongly recommend they choose this product. My nails have also never been better.

You can get HairAnew from HERE.

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