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How to grow your hair faster #long_hair

Since giving birth I have noticed that my hair has been shedding more than usual and and almost stopped growing. it was recommended for me to take Biotin supplements.

I had started taking 5000mg Biotin from Target but when I saw the reviews on this product "Biotin (Extra Strength)", I knew I had to try this brand. My cousin owns a GNC and tells me that the quality of the supplement makes a difference in how your body absorbs it and how well it will work. When I got the supplements, I noticed immediately that the quality seemed much better in these soft-gels. They are easy to swallow and although I've only been taking these for two weeks, I can see a big difference in the length/strength of my hair and the shedding has seemed to decrease.

I will continue taking these supplements and am excited to see if Science Research makes the other supplements that I take, so that I can switch to this brand.

you can get it from Amazon.

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