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Shaving with Baby Oil, don't do it #Shaving

After seeing pins with captions like this "Use Baby Oil to shave rather than shaving cream/gel: it will keep razor sharp longer, speed up shaving, and leave skin baby soft!" I decided I'd use baby oil and a new razor on my legs.

The baby oil was a pain in the neck. The razor got gummed up so fast and, as it was now covered in oil, But, I pushed on. Maybe it'd get better? Nope. It gunked up worse and worse every time. To boot, all the little cut hair pieces stuck to my leg and wouldn't wash off because the water just ran off the oil. It took forever to get the one leg shaved. And then, I had the worst razor burn ever, and after a day or so ingrown hairs

So, then I thought maybe shaving with the gel would make all the difference. Some of the pins said not to shave with oil, but to shave with the baby oil gel. I got the exact same results.

I did find one pin though where the pinner said this: "Johnson's Baby Oil Gel, Shea & Cocoa Butter - just bought a bottle of this...for under $4 this is a steal! Great moisturizer, fantastic scent, gentle to sensitive skin - I used it after shaving my legs and they're gleaming and not irritated like they get with some other lotions!". So perhaps people got confused with when to use it in their shaving routine. After. Not during.

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