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Foot peeling masks: the secret to smooth feet?

Foot peeling masks are an unusual but super effective way to get rid of dead skin on your feet. Newbies may find them kind of weird to use at first because you literally end up shedding layers of rough, callused, and dead skin from your feet like a reptile after applying the peel — but that's also part of what makes using a foot peeling mask such an unforgettable experience.

Are foot peels safe?

Yes, we put these types of acids on our faces for better skin. AHAs are considered safe in concentrations of less than 10%, but foot peeling kits don’t tell consumers what percentage of glycolic acid is in the solution. It’s likely the numbers are high. They do strip your dead skin within days, after all. It’s hard to say whether these treatments are doing more harm than good. If you can’t use this amount of AHAs on your face, you might not want to use it on your feet.

So how do they work, exactly?

First, you put your feet in little pockets that feel like slimy socks. These pockets are filled with some sort of chemical solution, which soaks into your feet for about an hour. Over the course of the next two weeks, the skin on your feet will peel off in huge flakes. It might seem gross, but it will reveal fresh, baby-soft feet.

What is the best foot peeling mask?

1. An Ultra-Hydrating Peel With Argan Oil: For a foot peel that won't just exfoliate skin but will also deliver deep, penetrating moisture, Made with argan oil (which absorbs easily and helps hydrate and soften skin) plus refreshing peppermint and soothing lavender, this foot peel can remove dry patches and calluses without causing any pain and leaves feet feeling pampered.

2. Baby Foot - Lavender Scented Pair: With over 11,000 on Amazon, people can't get enough of this ultra-luxurious, lavender peel. This super-strong peeling mask exfoliates and helps relieve dry and cracked areas with lactic and glycolic acids, which are responsible for the peeling, as well as castor oil and loads of botanic extracts that nourish the skin.

3. Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask: With over 2,300 on Amazon, While the booties in most foot peel packages are designed to be one-size-fits-all, if you're over a size 10, you may be hesitant to try one out because you're worried it won't fit properly. But with this foot peel mask from Soft Touch, which fits up to a size 11, you don't have to worry. It comes with two pairs per box, so you're getting a great value, and delivers the same exfoliating treatment other masks do, but with more room for different-sized feet.

4. Etude House BeBe Foot Mask: Like other foot peels, it goes to work getting rid of dead skin cells, but it's particularly effective for heels. One reviewer commented: "I suffer from rough heels due to constantly wearing flats [and] sneakers like Converse without socks," and "The end result left my feet feeling [and] looking brand new [and] baby smooth."

How often should you foot peel?

Anywhere from three to seven days later, the skin begins to peel. It continues to shed, flake, and peel (sometimes in large sheets) for up to two weeks after application. According to the manufacturers, Baby Foot can be used every two months.

Does foot Peel remove calluses?

The calluses will be removed. The cracked heels will be soft and supple skin. The foot peel kit will work its magic revealing gorgeous soft new skin underneath on feet and toes.

Will a foot peel help athletes foot?

By this process, skin is undamaged but peels easily away from the fresh layer beneath." On top of promising to reveal healthier, softened feet, Foot peels can improve foot issues like athlete's foot, foot odor, and blood circulation — lofty medical claims for a cosmetic item you can buy online.

Should I moisturize after foot Peel?

No. don't add lotion to your feet until the peeling process is complete. If your feet are too dry, you may use a oil free lotion from time to time

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