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Scalp Pimples: What Causes them and how to Treat them

Having pimples on scalp these days is nothing uncommon. Lots of people are having them. They are affecting people in all age groups. This article is going to show you how to get rid of these scalp pimples fast and naturally. I would advise that you don't just scan through this information, but rather read it carefully. Both of my brothers have had this skin condition and by applying the methods mentioned below, they were able to successfully defeat them. Let's move on.

What Pimples on Scalp really are, and how they affect your hair.

Pimples on scalp is a very unpleasant skin condition which involves your hair follicles to become pretty much inflamed. You should always keep in mind that scalp zits are not the same as skin acne whatsoever.

One of the biggest problems with this skin condition is that they are very, and I mean, very hard to live with. They are also very hard to reach, because they are actually buried under your hair. Brushing your hair with a comb will often that not expose them. You will recognize them as small, very itchy pustules.

What are the causes of scalp pimples breakout?

You might be surprised, but the cause of a scalp pimple breakout is unknown even to this day. Some suspect that mites, bacteria or other micro organisms which live under your skin in the areas of scalp cause these pimples.

There are basically two types of scalp pimple breakouts: severe and milder cases. In the cases of severe inflammation, I've even heard that doctors prescribe steroids. In milder cases, even some proper hygiene will solve the problem.

Whatever you do, don't buy the crap of pharmacy companies which will try to sell you their new product to get rid of acne. They are after your money, not your welfare. If you want to find out how to get rid of acne, you should try some of the home remedies for getting rid of them. Don't try to apply the same techniques here. As I've already mentioned, pimples on scalp and skin acne are NOT the same thing. That's why it is incorrect to call them scalp acne.

How do I prevent them?

OK, the first thing you need to know is how to prevent future breakouts of pimples on scalp. The best thing to start with is applying proper hair hygiene. By taking care of your hair hygiene you will shut down even worse inflammation of the pimples that you already have. Buying hypoallergenic shampoo is always a good start because some people also believe that excessive oils cause scalp pimples. By applying this kind of shampoo (which is perfect for oily skin) you will eliminate the excessive oils and stop even more pimples of breaking out.

Here are some home remedies:

If you are affected by milder breakouts, apply Benzoyl Peroxide or salicylic acid. They remove obstructions such as dirt and oil. That way, your skin pores won't be blocked, and as a result your scalp will be pimple free.

The second thing I would recommend (alongside with taking care of your hair skin hygiene and applying Benzoyl Peroxide or salicylic acid) is to eat healthier foods. I know that this might sound a bit awkward, but this is the point where getting rid of skin acne and pimples on scalp touch. This is actually a universal solution to most of the milder skin problems.

you should eat a lot of antioxidants rich foods. They build your cell strength up, and improve your defenses against yeast and bacteria. Cereal products, fruits and vegetables are examples of such foods.

Stay away from junk food. I know how tempting junk food is, but you will have to decide which is more important to you: the pleasure, or clean, shiny hair follicles.

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