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How to Get Flawless Korean Glass Skin

In ancient Greece, women used olives to make an olive oil moisturizer to put on their skin. Skin care has come a long way since, but moisturizers still play an important role in skin health.

An aspiring makeup artist took Instagram and Twitter by storm a few years ago when she detailed her extensive skin care routine, a routine which was given the name Korean “Glass Skin.”

What is “Glass Skin”

Lustrous, smooth, glossy and translucent are all words used to describe the effects of the “glass skin” phenomenon. Women have long admired the enviable complexion of babies. “Soft as a baby,” is a compliment women aspire to hear about their own skin, using intense moisturizing routines to achieve such smoothness.

Popular with women in Korea, the skincare regimen is being adopted by women across all regions and cultures.

The “glass skin” beauty routine purports to leave skin so clean and flawless that it literally looks like glass. It is achieved by routinely washing away dead skin cells with a variety of steps while keeping skin as hydrated as possible.

“Glass Skin” Care Routine

1. Remove Makeup

This skincare routine can be done at night after a long day of work. While even the simplest of skincare routines seem like a chore, this multi-step routine will feel like a trip to the spa.

By the end of the routine, you will feel refreshed and revitalized, all the grime and stress from the day wiped clean. It begins by removing your makeup with make-up remover and cotton pads or a pre-wet pad.

2. Double Cleanse Part 1

Your makeup has been removed and you’ve let your skin air dry. Washing your face with two different skin cleansers may seem redundant, but you would be surprised how much residue is still left on your face after just one cleanse.

For this first pass over your face, you want to keep your skin dry and use a cleanser that removes excess oil.

3. Double Cleanse Part 2

While the first cleanser is used to remove oil-based debris, the foam cleanser is meant to remove sweat, dirt and other pollutants that end up on your face throughout the day.

For the second part of the double cleanse, you want your face wet. The cleanser for this step should be a foam, soapy cleanser. Rinse and towel dry your face after using the foam cleanser.

4. Exfoliate

You’ve removed the outer oil and grime; now you want to clean your pores and remove the dead skin cells from your face using an exfoliating product.

If you have overly sensitive skin, you will only want to do this step once or twice a week. Even if you have tougher skin, you don’t need to do this EVERY night. Several times a week will suffice.

5. Toner

Many women skip this step, thinking that all toners are alcohol-based, which dry out your skin and goes against the purpose of any skincare routine.

After the first few steps, your skin will be in desperate need of hydration. The toner helps prep the skin for the moisturizing steps that follow.

6. Apply an Essence

Essences are lightweight, slightly watery crosses of toners and serums. This step is a staple of Korean skincare culture that women around the world have adopted to their own skincare routine.

Look for an essence with ingredients like glycerin, which helps pull atmospheric water into your skin and squalane.

7. Moisturize

Even the simplest of skincare routines involves moisturizing the skin. This routine strips your skin of moisture and then replenishes the hydration necessary for the youthful, shiny look of “glass skin.”

If you have brown spots or pigmentation, you may want to add an extra step here, using serums or other boosters for smoother skin.

8. Face Mask

For this step, you can choose to use a face mask cream or pre-packaged sheet masks. The sheet masks come pre-soaked with the necessary nutrients.

Face masks are a popular addition to any beauty routine. They are the simplest way to replenish your tired skin and lock in the necessary moisture. However, face masks only need to be used once or twice a week instead of daily.

9. Wear Sunscreen

Regardless of your skin type or how advanced your skin routine is, wearing sunscreen is something everyone should do, regardless of the weather.

Sunscreen is the first line of defense against brown spots, wrinkles and skin cancer. Some even offer moisturizing benefits.


While many skin care routines are a quick wipe with soap and water, the Korean “glass skin” routine can feel like a skin pampering session after a long day of walking around in unseen pollution.

The steps of the routine can also nourish your dry, dehydrated skin, which will ultimately help reduce wrinkles and give you a fresh-faced appearance.

The Korean “glass skin” routine can make you flawlessly Instagram ready without even needing filters!

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