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How to Make Your Blowout Last #hair_care_tips

A long weekend of holiday parties is before us and can cause a lot of confusion. How do you look party-ready every night without blowing all your cash on constant blowouts? The answer is one great blowout that lasts.

1. Ask for Volume:
Let’s face it, the bigger the hair, the better especially during the holidays. “Don’t be shy to ask for additional volume. It will be worth it by the third holiday party of the weekend when your blow dry is still flawless,” says Nick Penna, creative director and founder of Be Styled.

2. Avoid Tight Hair Ties:
Don’t put your hair up in a ponytail with a tight band because it will cause a crease in your hair. “If you must put your hair up, use a large clip and clasp it on top of your head, or a soft tie,” says Penna.

3. Avoid Moisture:
Humidity and water can be the ultimate destroyers for blowouts. “When you shower, be sure to use a shower cap to keep the moisture away. I’d avoid working out as well to make sure your blowout stays in perfect condition,” says Penna.

4. Make Dry Shampoo Your Best Friend:
Don’t be afraid to apply a generous amount. “My favorite product is by Powder Bluff by K√©rastase ($36) try it! This spray helps absorb oil for long-lasting blowouts. It’s an instant style refresher and smells amazing!” says Penna.

5. Don’t Touch Your Hair:
We know how fabulous a blowout feels once complete, but let the style set, and don’t mess with it. “Touching it too much will accumulate oil and can make your blowdry fall flat,” Penna says.

6. If You Must Work Out…
Try a loose (but secure) high bun, instead of a ponytail, to let moisture evaporate easily instead of trapping heat and sweat in your hair, says Angelo David Pisacreta of Angelo David Salon in New York. Use a wide toothed comb to carefully gather hair.

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