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Mac Lip Care - Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo #lipstick

I love Mac matte lipsticks and this is my perfect red. Paired with cherry liner it looks flawless. It is drying so exfoliation and lip balm before this is a must. I love the look it gives me. I love this so much I convinced my best friend to wear it on her wedding day and she had no regrets.

It's a show stopper for sure. Quite similar to Tom Ford's Cherry Lush in shade not consistency. Fab for all occasions and all skin tones. You will not regret this purchase. It is the best red I've found on my pale Irish skin, black hair and blue/grey eyes. I feel like a real life Snow White with this on. My Italian sister in law with her beautiful Mediterranean skin, chocolate brown hair and brown eyes looks fantastic with this on.

My cool toned, pale skin, green eyed, platinum blonde best friend looks radiant with this on. It also looks amazing on African skin, this is probably my favourite skin tone to see it on. I LOVE how it looks on darker skin tones. HG red. It's a no-brainer with fake lashes, winged liner and harmony blush.

I think it also looks fab with a gold metallic eye or a bronze smoky eye and warm soul blush. Also, pairing it with burgundy liner gives an interesting take. Or, nightmoth for an ombre look. Will always repurchase.

You can get it from Amazon

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