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5 Tricks to Get Thicker, Longer Eyelashes #long_lashes

Use The Right Type of Mascara

Apply good quality, non-generic mascaras “with conditioners, if possible, and avoid waterproof mascara.” Try a coat of Jane Iredale Lash Extender and Conditioner before applying mascara for thicker, stronger lashes.

Watch Your Diet

Nutritionally deficient diets can adversely affect anything in the body, including eyelash growth. Check out our guide to foods to eat for amazing hair, which applies to lashes too.

How You Remove Makeup is Important

Water-based makeup removers can be used for mascara removal, but I prefer people to use baby shampoo diluted with water. And oil-based product like baby shampoo is gentle on the eyes and will ensure you get every trace off.

Take The Proper Care

The most common cause of eyelash loss is wearing mascara for too long or not taking mascara off properly. “Mascara should be removed every night and never left on overnight.” Eyelashes are gentle and easier to pull out than your hair, so going to sleep with makeup-free lashes will ensure they are prime for growth.

Use a Specialized Product

Letting your lashes grow naturally is one thing, but there is a way to give a helping hand: The only FDA approved way of really growing lashes is with Latisse, a prescription product most often sold at dermatologist’s offices. “It’s said to work by prolonging the growing phase of your lashes, so they can continue lengthening longer than they would otherwise.” Since the growth phase of the lash cycle takes a few months already, we suggests giving Latisse at least four months of daily use in order to see results.

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