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A guide for how to get full Brows

Step One: Tame those brows

Before you tweeze (if you do tweeze in between visits) brush the brow hairs straight up with a spooly (mascara-style) brush. I often spray alittle hairspray onto the spooly so that all the hairs stay in the right direction. Trim any long hairs or unruly hairs that wont follow the natural grain of your brow. Use two different paits of tweezers. The first, a slant tipped pair for thick hairs, and a needle nose pair for shorter, finer or hard to grab hairs.

Do not go overboard. Less is more. Remember that.

Step Two: Shape it up

Before plucking, use a white eyeliner pencil to draw the desired shape of your brows as a guide. Never, ever, go to thin. Once you’re there it takes a hell of a long time for them to grow back. If you are unsure about your shape- get your brows shaped professionally and then just maintain the shape they decide on for you. Otherwise you can also get brow stencil shapes- I have a few from a ModelCo kit that give a lovely, full brow shape. (You can buy the ModelCo Eyebrows Designer Brow Kit ).

Step Three: Fill em

There are a few key techniques here and the most important is matching the right colour to your brow, skintone and hair. There is nothing worse than badly filled in brows!

Some general guidelines for hair colours:
  • For Blonde, match the darkest parts of your brow to enhance your brows and make them bold, without looking like you have caterpillars on your face.
  • If you are older, or going gray, use a taupe color to avoid dullness.
  • For redheads, go with sable.
  • For Brunettes, opt for one shade lighter than your hair to avoid looking too harsh.

Step 4: Touch It Up

After all the above steps, its time to add definition and shine. Use a clear brow gel, or even a light touch of Vaseline to keep those hairs and colour in place and add a little lustre.

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