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Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tanning Liquid #Skin_Care

Let me just start off by saying that I am Polish, Finnish, and Irish. We are a pale, stout people meant to live in cold, dark places. Thusly, no matter what I do I cannot get a tan; I burn, or turn a sort of odd orangish color. It's really quite terrible. I digress.

I decided to test drive this product this summer, before I go to Hawaii in the winter, to give myself time to find a good fake tan. I have found it!!!!

I started by using it on my legs only, just in case it went badly. I followed directions and exfoliated quite well, shaved etc. I just used a rough washcloth and rubbed the heck out of my legs, knees and feet until I was smooth and clean. After making sure my skin was completely dry, I rubbed a small dab on Vitamin E Oil on my knee area and rubbed it in well, just to make sure they weren't too dry. Then, I applied the product. I followed the directions of going lightly over knees and ankles, making sure they were extended so it wasn't wrinkley, etc. The rest of it is pretty much self explanatory. The mitt worked well for me and was a nice touch. Also, I'm pretty sure this bottle will last me a LONG time. At least a few months of solid use, but perhaps even more!

  1. It smells nice in the bottle. Sort of floral/tropical.
  2. It has NO fake tan smell on your skin. I was expecting it and was ok with it if I tanned well, but I am both tan and NOT SMELLY!
  3. The color guide really does help you see where it went, and also looks passable as a tan until your tan develops.
  4. It dries quickly after you apply it so you don't have to stand around nekkid forever.

you can get Fake Bake Flawless from HERE.

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