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HSI Professional The Best Flat Iron #hair_curling

The only reasons I bought this flat iron was because the price was right - only $44.23 and the reviews were great. For $44 I thought it would be worth the risk of not knowing the manufacturer to go ahead and get this since it is a professional flat iron. I had been using a Chi iron. After reading several reviews on Amazon about how others had a CHI that broke, I thought it might be a good idea for me to get this as a backup in case my own CHI breaks soon. Now my old CHI is the backup and the HSI is my main one!

This HSI flat iron is great. The features I love:
  1. Adjustable temperature control
  2. Swiveling cord so no tangles/twists
  3. Plastic behind the heated plates does not get too hot so I can grab that part when I need to
  4. Both straightens and curls my hair
  5. Smooth plates, nicely constructed so my hair doesn't get caught up in it and pulled out

I have very thick, curly hair and this flat iron does a quick job straightening my hair. i would recommend this product and would buy an HSI again if I had the need.

You can get it from Here.

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