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The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil #Skin_Care

This is one of my favorite ways to give myself a glow of tan without any unscreened sun exposure. A couple of basal cell skin cancers have left me very careful to screen myself well from the sun, but I miss the glow of a tan. This product supplies that glow, and it lasts several days or until my next shower, when I re-apply it. It blends in and looks natural if you rub it in on knees and ankles and the tops of feet. I love using it on my shoulders and arms, and if I can get my husband to help, on my back.

Do know that it has a strong floral smell that dissipates over the first hour or two. You'll either love the scent or hate it. I love it. It doesn't trigger my migraines like some scents, but I can't speak for others. This is a regular part of my post-shower routine, a must do in shorts weather, but now I'm hooked and use it year round.

You can get it from Amazon

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