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The perfect messy bun in 4 easy steps #Hair_Beauty

1: Use minimal conditioner:

You don’t want your hair to be silky smooth if you’re going to throw it up in a messy bun. If you simply MUST use conditioner, use a tiny, tiny bit. Barely nothing. The silkier, the slipperier (slipperier!), and the less your hair will want to stay in its bun.

2: Don’t brush your hair:

I’m serious about this. My best messy buns always come when I haven’t brushed my hair after my shower. Let that baby air-dry! Again, if you MUST brush your hair, at least don’t blow-dry it. Trust me.

3: Make sure you have a suitable hairband:

The best hairband for a proper messy bun should be flexible but not too soft. Mine twist around the bun twice. It needs to be large enough to hold up your hair but not too tight. As Goldilocks once said, it should be just right.

4: Twist:

The twist is the trickiest part of the messy bun, but hopefully your non brushing and non conditioning will pave the way for the perfect messy height. Don’t worry about leaving off some stray pieces at the back of your neck or some sideburns or some random pieces that stick out. That’s the magic of the messy bun!

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