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The Right Shade For Your Eyebrows #eye_makeup

Eyebrow pencil defines the eyebrows and helps to shape the face along with eyeliner and good quality mascara, whether you are looking for a glamorous evening look, or a chic look for work. When shopping, it is important to shop for the right kind of eyebrow pencil that will offer the best definition for your skin and eyebrow tone.

Dark Brown or Black Eyebrows

Many women with dark brown or black eyebrows automatically buy black eyebrow pencil to use on their dark eyebrows. However, even women with black eyebrows can rarely pull off the look of black eyebrow pencil unless it is applied with soft feathery strokes and it is not used heavy-handedly to completely fill in the eyebrows.

Black eyebrow pencil is quite harsh and can give you the wrong look, which is why it is a good idea to get a second opinion or speak to a beauty consultant when shopping for eyebrow pencils when you have dark brown or black eyebrows. Do not always opt for the obvious shade. Shop around; look at various products, shades and brands.

Red Eyebrows

Women with red eyebrows often have luxuriant red hair and a fair, freckled complexion. Choose a shade of eyebrow pencil that is about two shades darker than your hair, such as chestnut brown.

Red eyebrows have the potential to look striking with the right shade of eyebrow pencil. Use light strokes to define eyebrows and apply more pressure if you are trying to fill in parts of your eyebrows that you are growing out or are naturally patchy in appearance.

Fair Eyebrows

If you are fair-skinned, with fair eyebrows, you will want to shop for an eyebrow pencil one or two shades darker than your eyebrows, so that you can add some definition to your eyebrows, rather than make them disappear altogether.

Shopping for the right shade of eyebrow pencil can be difficult, especially if you always end up buying the same shade that does not suit your complexion or hair tone. The general rule of thumb is to shop for eyebrow pencils that are one to two shades darker than your hair, or to go slightly lighter if you have black eyebrows. Lessen the pressure if you are heavy handed and try to use soft feathery strokes for a more even, natural appearance.

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