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John Frieda 1.5 Inch Hot Air Brush Review #Hair_Beauty

Although I spend quite a while doing my makeup most days, my frizzy, fine, semi-wavy hair has led to years and years of letting it air-dry and then pulling it back with a clip or ponytail holder to just get it the heck out of the way. Enter this hot air brush. I have had this product for a few weeks now, and I use it every morning and *love* it! It dries and styles my hair simultaneously and does so fairly quickly.

I can now dry and style my hair with just one hand as I build great volume and lift and get great smooth flips incredibly easily. The bristles in addition to the plastic prongs mean the dryer grabs and actually holds on to my hair, whereas I typically need to hold my hair on as I use a styler.

The few things I would change would be the button and the tip. The slider button works just fine, but I think a button might be easier as you transition from heat to cool, to set the gentle curls. When drying the back of my head, I often reach to stabilize the styler and keep it level, so I can tell you that the tip gets very hot! I am sure there is a reason they made it with the material they did, but I would like to see them coat it with a material that remains cool to the touch. It would also be great if the cord retracted, though I fear they would need to make the barrel larger for this.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough to those who are looking for a product that will dry their hair as it adds volume and body. I love it and, when it inevitably wears out some day, I will most definitely be purchasing another.

You can get the Brush from HERE.

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